At the end of the month I’ll discover if The Lemon Circus has what it takes to win an award for an Anti-Bullying show produced last year, but the fact a comedy show, known for toilet humor, can be associated with such a serious issue is for me a personal achievement. A friend I met via Mixcloud, who had heard the show, recently sent me an educational project for ‘empowering’ teenagers as he had the task to workshop these young adults, some of whom were bullies themselves. The ideas were fantastic, using role-play and involving everyone with the objective to understanding someone that little bit more.

However positive these presentations, I postulate if we can ever really GUESS who someone is? Guessing a lottery number would be a whole lot easier. When I myself was a teenager we done a similar exercise, whereby each student wrote a few lines to describe another random classmate which the teacher then read out allowing everyone to guess who was being described. It was a fun game until the remarks fell upon me. These weren’t bad or hateful statements, but certainly ones I didn’t recognise. I remember feeling they were wrong, yet that was how the population of my world perceived me; “Never gets into trouble’, ‘Always does homework’, ‘Swotty’ you know how it goes … but I was just trying to keep my head down. To me they described someone I had never met. I would like to have had the time to ask how they’d reached those conclusions, but alas it was just a lesson; for me – an important one.
For example, my Dad visiting from abroad left his hire car parked in my street whilst he enjoyed a coach trip with family. On his return he had an angry letter waiting under his wipers demanding he pay to fix a wing mirror which was claimed he’d damaged. Actually he never saw the letter, because I threw it in the bin. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed my Fathers arrival without any such incident. An accusation made against the ‘new’ car simply because it was quicker to blame then re-evaluate what they thought they already knew. People see what they want to see, judge you on first impressions or set their mind to what they’ve already been told. Stereotyping is ALWAYS the wrong guess.

When we play an upload on Mixcloud we are willing to understand someone a little bit more and accept the huge spectrum that forms our human experience with an open mind. I’m glad YOU played my show and gave me that opportunity to prove to that classroom, albeit over 25 years ago, I’m not the hard working clever-clogs they thought I was 🙂 I truly thank-you for your time and support . Until we next cross paths stay YOU, a beautiful individual.


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