Today I noticed my Doctors appointment card has several adverts sponsoring His clinic, a childcare club, a local café and even a florist all desperate to give their business exposure – because utilizing space, even here, is an opportunity to say something more than simply ‘Thanks for listening to my show over the last few weeks’. With the NEW Mixcloud listeners list I see YOUR profile picture amongst all the others and it was not dismissed like a thumbnail advert. It meant something very real and tangible.


This week however, my radio show could not compete with a plastic carrier bag. My Auntie, through vanity or stubbornness, had finally conceded to wearing a hearing aid after many years of this, her worsening sense. The world of sound having been restored as she explored every noise she previously believed was silent. A can opener; paper tearing; The wind. Imagine that? Yes we take much for granted, but we still know how to rejoice when we are blessed. My habit of returning thanks with a random musing at times even perplexes myself –so why should this one be any different.

My message to you today is market yourself to each and every person you meet, however brief with the same support and kindness that you’ve shown me. Remember, YOU are the advert. The space YOU occupy is the most important billboard informing the world just how as an individual you make an amazing difference. We are much more than a photo on FaceBook or a limited tweet trying to capture a mood – we are highly complex souls that share this internet with knowledge and friendship – there are no products or services to sell, just humanity, trust and good company. Keep up the positive support for your fellow Mixclouder, because the next time they see that little profile picture that denotes YOU – it will create the warmest of feelings, reminding us all connected on this cold electronic web that we are all still human in need of a reassuring word – or maybe the comforting sound of a rustling plastic shopping bag 🙂 The opportunities for good are endless, and they all begin with YOU!


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