Parental Guidance

ImageI recall a bedtime story I read to my kids involving a hen that rested on the back of a dog. Because the hen could not fly like the other birds, the dog would run as fast as it could to make the hen feel alive with the wind rushing over its feathers. They were the best of friends, but as the years passed by the dog grew old and could no longer run as fast as it once did and the hen did not feel the excitement of those earlier adventures. A fox turns up and promises the hen the chance of reliving those fast exciting days by riding on his back instead. The dogs’ friendship is rejected in favor of this youthful fox and the promises he holds. Of course we know the outcome of ‘stranger danger’, but for a child they need to see the closing picture of the sly fox taking the hen into his cave.

Why had I remembered that story? –sure it was a good yarn that raised the kind of questions only children ask ‘What’s an enemy?’ ‘Does it hurt to die?’ ‘What happened to the dog?’ I don’t know, telling them to go to sleep was far easier 😉 Perhaps when something has the power to change our understanding of the world we have questions. This week the newspapers reported the murder of a teacher at the hands of a 15 year old child in the classroom and we begin to live out parental clichés ‘What’s the world coming to?’ I equally don’t know. But going to sleep will not be easier this time.

Young minds are impressionable and we hear time and time again of violent computer games and movies distorting reality to such an extent that the boundaries become frayed and intelligence no longer equates to common sense. The argument is that nothing makes someone do these evil things, but I ask ‘When do we decide that perhaps they do?’ We can hold onto our freedoms of unrestricted porn, violence and terrible reality TV shows if we think it’s really worth the human cost of turning out a generation whose love, compassion and empathy will become so distorted from the golden standard we’d always reached for. This week saw scientists question why evolution stalled 1.7 billion years ago for an incredible BILLION years! Something now also needs to change for us to move morally forward.

Adverts may not influence YOU, but we know they do work. Companies don’t pour that amount of money into marketing if it didn’t make viewers change their habits and return profits. The open sewer pipe that the media pump into our living room every day is acceptable to adults who can make informed choices who understand the context it is delivered, but not children. We either stagnate in the filth we have made or start protecting our most precious commodity – our future. Together we can read to them “The dog ran as fast as it could and saved the hen from the fox and they all lived happily ever after” I ask YOU as a friend to RUN! Thanks for your time here on Mixcloud for connecting recently with The Lemon Circus. PEACE ALWAYS ?


One thought on “Parental Guidance

  1. I was aware, or rather more aware, that this particular message could be seen as preaching, but honesty it was one of my more heartfelt motivated ones I have typed. I believed that bad people do bad things regardless of the stimuli such as movies, TV, graphic depictions even in word could not make a monster of someone, but I must now re-evaluate that belief as I no longer feel able to carry it into an argument in respect of freedom of speech and art. Young minds are wet clay that are always molded by the adult world.
    I don’t have the answers my friend – you can not put it back away again, close Pandora’s box, but I think as adults we must find a way to control it, certainly as parents we must leave behind a batch of humans we have done our best for, and shielding them away from violence and sexualization is just one more task, made even harder by the ease of access to them. I sent my message as a seed to grow conversations, just as I did with the anti-bullying – I have no answers, but the more we talk about it, the closer we see, the more we understand, the appetite we get for stronger leadership, because doing nothing is definitely not going to work anymore. I leave with you a final thought and that is those who are good in the world number in the billions 🙂 we just need to protect them from the smaller few who would harm our perfectly formed batch. Peace and blessing to you my friend.

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