♪♫•*¨*•.¸The science of sound is not something I claim to understand; ‘amplitude’, ‘frequency’ – words last seen written in chalk. How the musical wave brings melody to my ears and then ceases to exist for yet another note to delight in harmony is the practical lesson I’ve attested to since closing my school books. To explain the physics without any grounding is to understand poetry; words are the musical notes that hang in the air until the next one resonates with the same emotion, whether it rhymes or not. Sometimes life experiences occur completely at random yet collectively they explain to us practical lessons, rather than the theory and beliefs we have held onto for so long. St Bede compared our mortal passing here on Earth to that of a sparrow flying through a warm and well lit hall at night, just to leave briefly back into the winter it had first come from. Science still has no better explanation for what went before, or for what is yet to come.

Reading an essay on quantum mechanics, it was surmised that scientists have so far discovered nothing in the universe that requires a God to exist. But of course a Creator would logically sit outside this unraveled astronomical puzzle – the religious argument.  The mathematical mind that denies a deity embraces Heisenberg’s ‘uncertainty principle’ which calculates a travelling particle does not use its’ energy conversely over time, it instead allows the spontaneous creation of matter and anti-matter from a vacuum. Completely adhering to the laws of physics this fluctuation can manifest itself as anything from a rock to a cloud, or even a fully conscious entity with hopes, dreams and fears. Appearing and disappearing within the beat of Bede’s sparrow wings.


The Lemon Circus is foremost a radio show that broadcasts to the patients, visitors and staff in our local hospital. A fact I felt quite aware of. Yet this week I heard the internal stations output visiting a relative critically injured in the intensive care unit. It was in such places my voice was being heard; an audio porthole to those with little communication to an outside world beyond their sterile bio-sphere. This was not the audience I had ever imagined. Their suffering far from my mind. What guilt lies within prayer for one name when so many people are suffering; why will God not fix us all?  Or was it guilt for my laughter echoing through a corridor where a lonely soul anxiously waits for news or just for someone who will listen and unburden them?  A prayer answered by miracle or by some ‘scientific anomaly’ both begin the much needed healing process. There truly is no greater blessing than to witness a loved one return to full health. So while the sound waves of my silly broadcast bounce upon the hospital’s clever clinical acoustics I shall continue to end each and every show with the sincerest sign off: ‘God bless!’

Thank-YOU for your recent support, it’s always appreciated. Many blessings too my friend ❤


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