The very first note I type wearing my spectacles and every letter is bright and sharp, no mistaking ‘Y’ for ‘V’; but it was nonetheless a biological defeat. My poor sagging eye lenses had gotten me this far by bringing into view every detail of creation albeit mostly in magazines and TV, save the high definition of furry leaves, Jack Frost on my bedroom window, and the barely visible yet ‘desperate in need of a squeeze’ spot on the chin… so sending them for an early bath was the kindest gesture to my long under-rewarded peepers.


If dinosaurs wore glasses would our own eye sight have evolved to what we have today? Sorry I get distracted. If you wait long enough distraction will come, it keeps us aware of ourselves and the philosophical existence quandary. Now my fingers are grabbing my tea and appear like conga eels through the handle of the cup, middle one being the dominant of the three. Wow! I’m a Doctor of Ontology.


Let’s consider that a movie of your life is playing, probably in 3-D to give it that illusion of depth, and it’s a ‘fly on the wall’ unedited recording of all your candid opinions about people you’ve loved and claimed reciprocated friendship.  And everyone in your life is sat in the audience wearing their stereoscopic glasses and eating popcorn. At what point do you scream for the projectionist to stop the incriminating film? Because I know you do. We all do. Otherwise you’ll be exposed as a hypocrite, a fraud, a monster… a human like any other. “STOP!!!”, I yell, even before the theatre lights dim.


Like eyes; we too are destined to disappoint in the end. If we talk for long enough we eventually say words that make our character droop and sag. Live long enough and repeat the same old stories we become a bore. Languish at the footsteps and comfort will set in. Time allows us to sag. Fear of losing a letter here and there may not always stop an idea, but to lose them from our very own name? We’d scour the ends of the world to retrieve those missing characters just to stop the droop, yet we time and time again delete them ourselves with our very own tongue. These people who we hurt whether out of earshot or not, are our life story. They are the credits to our movie. To not know them, would be like death itself. What we say and do in private is as much a reflection on our name as what we voice in public. Even a new pair of prescription glasses could not highlight this fact with anymore clarity. So why should I keep them ON?


The Lemon Circus would like to thank vou for all the support we’ye receiyed recentlv reaching 8,000 followers and a million minutes listened. A fantastic milestone to achieye. Again Thanks!


We keep them ON to protect those peeps we love the most. Always make sure you see things much more clearly before committing words to the world that take from it rather than add. Until our paths cross again soon, stay safe  🙂


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