Si vis pacem, para bellum

A big fat ironic aspect of humanity sits on our intelligence and won’t allow us to move until we use brute force itself to dislodge the suffocating obvious need for physical strength; the savage concept of protecting ourselves. Sometimes ‘by any means necessary’. To the enlightened this thought process is to debunk its true pursuit of more liberal undertakings as the animal instinct inside, even the working mind of a genius, eventually bites the cortex of survival instincts.


Smart men and women have always oiled the gears of war. No one of peace opens themselves so readily for attack. Having an army to protect us from invasion, defend the most vulnerable and assist in our interests’ abroad sounds like a pretty good idea, so much so we spend large amounts of our tax on keeping and maintaining armed personnel in the hope of never actually deploying them. An insurance so to speak, not unlike the ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ offered as our only strategy during nuclear bomb exchange. The paradox of creation formed by a loving God makes the formation of an army senseless and not an iota of my being gives credence that unleashing atomic weapons solves what are usually diplomatic problems. And yet I fund and support the military without dissent to the Christian pacifist I deeply hold within. Experience of the natural world has taught me to do the right thing.


The right thing? As if the morality of combat has a correct answer to ‘always back your troops’. Well, Yes! Unless we’re hypocrites, the freedoms offered to us by an army are too great not to recognise. ‘Brave’, too small a word to describe where now a headstone lay. The war poets with their cold words of earths’ clay and the blood drenched mud describe much closer their hell and the distance they fell from the family and friends they left back home in a civilian life. A life they know to be far safer for every battle fought. They fight to allow us to live these lives in peace. Can we justify this sacrifice with tax contributions? The whole morality question is ethically unworkable. Why should one countryman die for a cause so that another has the freedom to espouse ideology of the dead soldiers’ enemy? “Freedom isn’t free”, a popular idiom that is as true today as it was when oppressed people where liberated from the earliest aggressors in our pre-history tribes. They too put their lives on the line for a sense of what was right.


This week the UK remembers those valiant enough from our tribes who had a call to be our protectors. Not just for our security but that of our children and our land, homes, history, faith, and heritage. There is no political posturing from any government that could ever convey the gratitude we as a nation feel for our esteemed armed forces past and present then individually wearing the Poppy as a sign of pride and respect to their supreme sacrifice. Thanks for visiting The Lemon Circus recently and may you feel peace in your heart ❤ today and always.


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