Grey Christmas

The day lit sky was so crisp and clear over the weekend I was able to see at least four aeroplanes crossing the mysterious ether leaving behind their vapour trails in various phases of decomposition. Imperfection scarring the beauty of the great blue canvas; questioning ‘Is there nothing mankind cannot spoil?’ A big jam jar filled with water sat on some old newspapers with a thin brush dipped to expunge a ‘big bang’ of paint molecules; bright at first before diluting into the small liquid universe creating a subtle pink hue. One colour after another adds to this cosmos of creation; a mottled grey remains; the night sky. Industrial light locked into this world by the clouds protecting the purest twinkle of heavenly stars from the murky reddish brown palette drained away into our atmosphere.


With each stroke we rinse the brush and delve into a new thought or action. Mixing self-serving ambition with altruistic moments of sheer generosity; able to steal the shine from the stars themselves. At Christmas we craft our lives in abundant measures of ostentatious materialism and the deep benevolent will to make the spirit connect much more with humanity. Doing ‘Good’ is turning on the tumble dryer for our soul. A warm feeling wrapped around our senses; impenetrable to cynicism and yet fresh as if it were our first act of incorrupt kindness. But where do we dry our other deeds? The lint filter has collected tiny fibres from each and every one of our thoughtless motives and our most noble endeavours and here they lay in a fuzzy clump; a mottled grey.


Collectively we create the clouds; we reflect the light; we make the inky night. We bring all the colours of compassion and misery to this planet and it’s in our choices that render the composition of our very fabric existence to be an unremarkable pigment. At Christmas we want eye pleasing colours of reds and greens, silver and gold; the vapour trail from Santa’s sled won’t last forever in the festive sky; answering ‘Is there nothing mankind cannot fix?’ While it crosses our path this year let’s make sure to put down enough old newspaper to soak up our own mess so the next generation of artists can create their own masterpiece, just as we have been afforded the freedoms to make merry and be happy with those near and dear to us. So as we lift our glasses and toast ourselves with health and peace today, let’s remember also to wash the jam jar and refill it with clean water and celebrate every hue of this green and blue planet in each and every blessing we receive at Christmastime and throughout the coming year. Thank-you for your continued friendship and support to our hobby ‘The Lemon Circus’ radio show where, if we could, would dedicate a song: ‘I’m Dreaming of a Mottled Grey Christmas’ just for YOU. Stay safe and hope you join us again in an exciting and fantastic 2017! 🎄


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