Uncle Trevor

RMS Titanic was a mail ship, hence the letter ‘M’ in its title but never actually delivered any. Now a sanctuary site at the bottom of the Atlantic it lays undisturbed save for the remote possibility of salvaging the mail bags and finally delivering, if legible, those correspondence to some distant ancestor the postcards, bills and news from 1912. We can imagine the torch lit decaying frame of that famous ocean liner with strange camera shy creatures dwelling back into the darkness. But it’s there right now under those many atmospheres of water and crushing sand… as we live and breathe it is resting there, waiting for our grasp.


Nearly 21 billion kilometers away in interstellar space another manmade object Voyager 1 hurtles away from our grasp carrying with it evidence of our existence with sounds including laughter, a heartbeat and the sweetest sound known to mankind, a mother with her child; all recorded for the strange dark dwelling creatures to one day salvage. We know it exists and is out there; its distance does not make it any less real. The message is still waiting to be received.


My uncle who I was blessed to know through marriage could have easily been the chosen human etched upon NASAs gold plated ‘Hello’ disk. Any alien civilization would have instantly delighted at his warm character and his direct and often blunt responses. A grumpy persona swaddled with childlike curiosity; never the fool he always spoke his mind without giving etiquette and conformity a second thought. Extraterrestrials would have nurtured and protected our society based solely on this one gentle soul. His journey, sadly like many, was far too brief leaving us in his sixtieth year and his mother without her child; the most mournful sound known to the universe. Only because I can’t hear it, does not make it any less real.


Just because we decide to not read the headlines does not make the suffering any less real. The startling news of death in the world sometimes makes us shy into our own cavern of ignorance because we’d rather not show our emotions in front of others. But we must read their message. The deep sea fish that has tiny traces of Edwardian vulcanized rubber in its stomach has a message about the state of our planet; far more important than any Voyager probe. For Uncle Trevor (as the eternal ‘baby brother’ irrespective of birth order or age) his message was more about the asteroid or the iceberg; they too are also out there waiting to be received.  That is how he viewed life; sardonic yet welcoming. Greeting the stranger and discussing immediately current affairs in such an irreverent way it could’ve passed for comedic routine. I sit reading back that last sentence smiling, jealous of his brazen cheek.  So live your life with an innocent spirit because at the end we will all deliver a message about ourselves that will always be read.


Thanks for receiving the message of The Lemon Circus recently regardless of the distance involved


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