It’s A Wonderful… Crime?

🎶 Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat La la la ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and all that 🎵. So many thought provoking festive books and films dedicated to this season to make us truly appreciate our lives that little bit more. Others have a more direct impact; several years ago a TV broadcaster screened a controversial documentary on Christmas Day proposing the theory that Mary had been raped by a Roman soldier and Jesus was the product. They certainly knew how to maximize their ratings with such an offensive marketing ploy.  So gathered at the merry Lemon Circus dining table I shall raise a glass also at my ill-timed announcement…

“The reason I’ve gathered you all here today is to right a wrong. Such a terrible wrong that the magnitude of the words used to describe the violence and misery would create within emotions of such trauma it would manifest itself as actual physical pain. But I want you to know that it was your Mother who suffered this abhorrent ordeal at the hands of your biological father. Yes, you were brought into this world through nothing more than a single brutal loveless act, that has gone unpunished until now…”

“You can rest easy because I have the magical ability to ensure that this crime will never take place. I shall go back in time and protect your Mother and prevent this monstrous deed from ever happening… of course the upshot will be that you… (dramatic pause)… ARE NEVER BORN. Do you still want me to go ahead and prevent this crime? What? You need more time to think.  Don’t worry about saying good-bye to loved ones – they’ll never even know you existed once I press this button…”


An awful thought experiment where two wrongs are supposed to somehow make a right. Where our survival instinct overthrows our noblest morals. Where there really is no right or wrong answer. Would we sacrifice our own children at the cost of another generation’s sin? We know it’s ugly and we must stop it – but at what cost? I give you no alternative; YOU must decide… Weigh up the inexhaustible factors which will boil down to one single question…

Are you happy with your life? Is it indeed ‘Wonderful’? Yes I could have just asked that, but this scenario unravels far more about ourselves; perhaps not so joyful, but I quite like to imagine Joseph sat too around our dinner table as the Dad who loved us anyway. He had a button and didn’t press it; and that’s really all we know about him. He is the true Father Christmas. We all know someone in our families like Him; a strong kind man who loved the child that wasn’t their own and cared and cherished; nurtured and protected; loved and adored them until they could not be told apart from any other parent. They give us no need for a magical time machine. Love heals and restores and we can only charge our glasses that each and every one of us wish to possess that elixir in great quantities this Christmas and the coming New Year.


Thanks for all your support – peace always ❤


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